NBC Sports VR App Reviews

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From another Dev’s Perspective

*Disclaimer: I’m not an employee of NBC nor it’s subsidiaries. With not many good options to choose from with VR for the iPhone, I happily downloaded NBC’s Sports app for the Olympics in VR. For those curious to what phone and headset, I used my iPhone 7 Plus with the MergeVR Headset, and I currently work as a Unity mobile VR developer. After fumbling around with NBC’s very haphazard authentication system, I finally got it to recognize my national television provider. First impressions are very promising. Clean user interfaces greet users to various experiences. Although it gets tedious to select videos, the videos themselves are of decent/good quality. My absolutely favorite part was watching a taping of the Opening Ceremony, which has me using my headset for a record amount of time until my battery nearly ran out. There were some recommendations I would make going forward: 1) Rigorously test any system before release that may erroneously prevent/needlessly delay valid users from accessing premium VR experiences. 2) Ensure the user has access to every option in VR, without needlessly having to remove the headset to access the next part. The user ought to only have to put on the headset once. 3) Consider better camera placement for the Snowboarding and Sled Events that had better coverage than a straight side shot. Being in VR doesn’t have to require neck craning and whiplash from trying to observe the competitions. I hope these issues are resolved in a few years, as there may be great opportunities for VR in the next Olympic Games.

No Paralympics?

I appreciate NBC coming out with a VR. I really enjoyed using it during The Olympics, and was looking forward to using it during the Paralympics. Unfortunately, The Paralympics are not in VR, which is too bad because it would provide a whole new perspective to these incredible athletes.


The unlocked videos are very grainy, not worth watching and you need to keep turning to keep same action in view. Could use better controls How about using the iOS TV provider setting?

Intel stick to chips.

This is so sad, you have 2 years till the summer olympics. Do some research.

Not awesome!

Good idea but maybe more testing next time or checking the competency and quality of the service providers so the content will be at worth a 5 star review! Try hiring V!VA Media Group next Olympic games... Viva Team USA!

Can’t log in

I really want to use this app but when I put in my dish login it just sends me back to the App Store over and over and I am unable to see any of the live events 🙁 Edit: still doesn’t work. when I long press there is no option to open in the app. I also tried the copy & paste with no luck 🙁

Auth *still* broke. Customer support is BS.

Auth was broken. Reported via a review on previous version. Developer replied said to email support. That was a week ago. New version of app comes out. Promises to fix auth issue. Does not. NBC must stand for Never Been Crappier.

Don’t waste your time if you use direct tv

If you are a direct tv user, save yourself frustration and don’t download- it won’t let you login

Latest version does NOT fix endless signon loop

Developers. Please try being logged on Comcast Xfinity and then linking the app to your account. Endless loop that you just restart by going back to the app...

Can’t verify provider

Still cannot verify provider. I am still stuck in a loop even though the latest update was supposed to fix this.

Viewing challenge

My app is working good on my iPhone 7+. One challenge I'm having (I'll new to VR) is getting the events in the center of my screen. I'm having to turn my head, my chair isn't having the correct way, and it is uncomfortable. Is there a way to 'recenter' the screen? If this can be resolved I will give the fifth star.

Endless update required

It says to update. I am up to date. Repeat.

No subscription, no vr

If you don’t have a cable subscription or a cable package that includes some tier that includes nbc sports then you can’t watch any VR. Thanks for making that clear BEFORE I wasted my time getting VR glasses and searching the app. Cable cutters penalized again.

No medal

App doesn’t work. The video views are very amateurish. Going to try another app before i delete this one.

Vr in front of a tv screen

I mean the idea is cool and I’m sure it will take years to perfect, but all it is is vr of you standing in front of a big tv screen. I can do that at home..

Won’t log in


Can’t authenticate

Can’t authenticate tv provider

No Live VR - works now

Seems to work now You have to sign in to your NBC subscription to watch live tv (in VR), which is OK, but it gets into an endless loop. The website says your good to go, then offers to open the app, then asks to go to the App Store, then finally back to the app, then you press to watch and says you have to sign into NBC , rinse and repeat.

Works now

After the second update, it is now working properly. I do wish the quality of the video were better. It never is as good as VR games… even the free ones. They really need to improve on the quality. It never really gets in focus and is quite pixelated. I do love the idea and I hope they keep working on it!

Lower than crap

Don’t bother. I have the package, it tells me confirmed. Then it provides a link to open the app so I can watch in VR, which just takes me back to the verification page. Super amateur coding error!

Very poor execution

The “idea” of VR in the Olympics is awesome. Sadly, the team that brought this forward is terrible. The videos are not even labeled correctly. “Ski Jumping”... nothing but a 60 second intro video. Most videos are presented in a weird 180 degree theater. An annoying screen showing videos pops up at weird times. It’s pretty easy to do this right. Step 1: set-up (3) 360 degree VR cameras at the event (1 at the start, 1 at mid length, 1 at end). Step 2: turn cameras on during event. Step 3: broadcast the live feed Step 4: record feed for later Step 5: allow viewer to A. Switch feeds & B. Fwd and Rwd. That’s it. Don’t over complicate it by a bunch on nonsense that you can’t make work. (Step 6 is label videos correctly but that seems like such an obvious task...). Looks like someone spent way too much time on the App’s color schemes and fonts and not enough time considering what VR viewers should do and would watch. Makes Intel look like idiots


Can only see brief highlights without a sports package; wanted to use in classroom, but useless

Doesn’t work even after update

Puts me in endless loop authentication my provider every though the nbc app works fine and the authentication through provider shows success. It falls back to the auth auth page again. Not worth the hassle. Update: Developer responded to this review with complicated instructions on how I should try copying and pasting link after successful authentication...or they could just fix their app!! If zero stars was an option I would rate as such.

Loop Loop Loop

I was excited to use the VR but I am also stuck in an authentication loop. I tried Safari, pasted to Chrome, Opera, and Firefox... still takes me back to the App or iTunes Store and it is still not authenticated!!!! It’s not even possible! Major fail NBC and Intel! 😡 Edit: Tried what was suggested by the Dev. Still a fail. There is no option like that when I long press “Go to App”. I have Open or Open in new tab.. along with Copy, Share.. When I try copying in another browser it still takes me to the App Store or iTunes Store, it will not take me back to the app.


I think this is a great concept but the execution fell way short. The different camera angles made it hard to keep up with what was going on because the subject of the shot wasn’t always in the center of the frame. The fast forward and rewind functions gave me trouble too, they didn’t always seem to be synched to the point in the feed that I was actually watching. Please test this out a few more times and try again for Tokyo.

Does Not Authenticate Properly!

This is just awful. The “open app” button on the screen following successful authentication is broken. It links me to the App Store instead of opening the app as it should. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it, still nothing. The update was pointless for some of us it seems.

Worthless Trash

Can’t authenticate with my TV provider. The videos that do play are low quality. Why even bother if you aren’t going to do it right?

Auth Error Workaround!

Figured it out! After you authenticate, long press the Go to the App button, there is a choice in the list that says NBC Sports VR. Tap that and you're in. If that doesn't work, just long press to copy the URL, paste it into Chrome and then hit Go, or go back to the VR app and open it. Then it works. Cool stuff!

Unable to get to VR with Xfinity account on iPhone X

Once I select Comcast/Xfinity it says that I am automatically approved with a green check. It then goes back and repeats over and over again that I am approved with a new green check. Cool idea, just doesn’t work.


Won’t load highlights and wouldn’t let me log in either.

Worthless! Won’t authenticate, but regular NBC sports app authenticated fine

Worthless! Won’t authenticate, but regular NBC sports app authenticated fine. Tried multiple times with multiple different browsers. All failed even though I’m able to authenticate with my DirecTV account on the regular NBC sports app as well as numerous others apps, but not this POS NBC sports VR app. What a waste of time.

Unable to sign in to network provider for VR

I have a Comcast Xfinity subscription and a Spectrum subscription. The app takes me to my browser to sign into my tv network provider and I am able to sign in but the page just keeps refreshing for xfinity and keeps asking me to re-enter my sign in information for spectrum.

Needs some work

I was excited to use this to watch the Olympics, but there are some issues. First and foremost is the image quality, it’s not high def by any means. It may give you a headache pretty quickly using a headset. Next, the video needs to allow you to choose a viewing perspective and stay in that viewpoint, or at least not change viewpoints. Watching skiing, for example, it would switch from top down view to sidelines view, etc. and it kind of wrecked the immersive experience. Some angles were altogether too far away. A tiny speck of a skier on a headset is bad. Point of view videos are perfect for this medium. It’s a great concept, just needs some tweaking!

Maybe ask Intel for help next time

It’s 2018. Intel was able to make 1200+ drones do animation and you’ve managed to hurt VR adoption. This is one of the worst apps and VR experience I’ve had and trying to share it with friends and family is just frustrating for me and disappointing to them. If you’re going to lock content, make sure subscribers can actually unlock it. You given me one more reason to cut the cord because I’m not getting anything extra for what I’m paying. So congrats on a spectacular failure.

ATT log in not working

I have NBC sports on ATT. I can watch in NBC app but when I try to use the full VR and it asks for my provider and I click on ATT, nothing happens. Screen refresh but it won’t go further than asking for the provider.

Lame - 2d video in an 3d VR environment.

You can watch a 2d video in an 3d VR environment. Oh boy! Please stop the VR gimmicks and create good VR experiences. How about stereo video image capture device warn by the athletes as they preform?

Constantly redirect to TV provider login

I got a redirection to choose and login into my TV provider even and even again.

Don’t work

Won’t let me sing in with my direct tv now account

Won’t Authenticate, Unusable for VR

To watch the Olympics you have to enter your pay-tv provider username & password. After 8 tries to login with my DIRECTV credentials I gave up. I get a vague authentication error. I verified I had the correct login details by logging into my DIRECTV account successfully. Very frustrating, very lame. If I could enter 0 stars I would.

Unable to authenticate cable provider

I’m unable to authenticate with my cable provider. The regular nbc sports app works fine on my phone and Apple TV. Version 1.2.2

Works great for me, amazing experience!

The app is working absolutely fine for me. It's an awesome experience to watch Olympics live, few things can be improved but who cares I am enjoying Olympics immersive experience sitting at home. Loved it. Thank you guys for making this possible.

Does not work.

This app does not run well on my iPhone 7 Plus. Keeps crashing. The one VR video I could get to load was remarkably low quality. Also, it will not allow me to login to my Directv account - says unknown error. Promised a lot - delivered nothing.

Stuck in a loop

Watch the full event leads to connect with your service leads to congratulations leads to open leads to open in App Store? (App is already on the iPhone 8) leads to connect with your service... and round and round it goes... it NFPA tried starts.

Worked great the first time I opened it......

Haven’t been able to get the app to open again......error message every time

Horrible. Can’t authenticate.

Still can’t get in after most recent update. Authentication loops continuously.

Can’t get past sign in page

I have directv. I have the correct pass word. It still will not allow me to sign in and use. Disappointing. Only gave it 1 star because I couldn’t give it zero stars.

Don’t bother

Even after reading the other reviews I tried this app, it asks for your provider and then verifies the info and sends you right back to ask the same question over and over again, I immediately deleted the app.

Still auth fails in transfer

Unfortunately, despite the success in authorizing in the browser, the browser page is unable to return me to the app with authorization.

Endless loop

I click to login and then told “success login” click on the “go to app” button and get error page. Open the app and still have locked videos. I even completely closed the app and still locked videos.

Didn’t work

NBC SN app would take my TV provider. The VR app would not. It’s the same process on both apps to connect to your service provider. Too bad.

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